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50 pics
80 pics
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300 pics
600 pics
1,000 pics
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50 pics
80 pics
140 pics
300 pics
600 pics
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Service Description

Precious Images that deserve bulk orders.

We take bulk orders of photo prints for personal and business needs. Whether it is a customized greeting card, return gift, school projects, or business projects, our batch printing service delivers multiple prints promptly.

You can upload up to 1,000 photos at a time to print in a customized size. Customers can choose the fixed quantity at special rates or seek a flexible order according to their requirements.

We have made batch printing a seamless experience with quick, easy steps. Wah Prints makes printing a whole pack of photos easy with just a few clicks. You can pick the paper type, size, and production time.

Technical Details


Real Size

Print File Size

9x13 cm 89x127 mm 1051x1500 px
10x15 cm 102x153 mm 1205x1807 px
13x18 cm 127x178 mm 1500x2102 px
15x21 cm 152x216 mm 1795x2551 px
20x30 см 203x305 мм 2398x3602 px
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We provide delivery across India. Delivery of the packages will arrive at your address the time slot you chose during the ordering process. Delivery will be on the basis of the schedule of the shipments.

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The production time will start as soon as you place the order. After customising in your desired format, it will be ready for dispatch in the next 24 hours. You will get your product delivered or can be hand-picked from our office.

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