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Size 1–100 101–300 301–500 From 500 Urgent
10x15 CM (4"x6")
13x18 CM (5"x7")
15x20 CM (6"x8")
25x20 CM (10"x8")
21x29 CM (8.3"x11.7")
9x13 cm
10x15 cm
13x18 cm
15x21 cm
20x30 cm

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Print Photos Online Kerala

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Behold your happy moments with vibrant photo prints!

Appreciate the gift of life by celebrating each and every occasion. They possess your key to happy memories and moments. These moments ought to be preserved in a manner that can be cherished forever. Keeping them in the digital devices alone will not be enough to make them lively. Just print pictures online and know the difference. Our online photo printing services ensure photo prints that are high quality. Our photo prints are available in all sizes and dimensions.

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Technical Details

Size (CM)

Size (Inch)

Size (Pixel / MM))

10 x 15 6 x 4 102 x 152
13 x 18 5 x 7 491.3 x 680.3
15 x 21 6 x 8 566.9 x 793.7
25.4 x 20.3 10 x 8 960 x 767.2
21 x 29.7 (A4) 8.3 x 11.7 793.7 x 1122.5
29.7 x 42 (A3) 11.7 x 16.5 1122.5 x 1587.4
32.9 x 48.3 (A3+) 12.9 x 19.1 3870 x 5730
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