Updated August 11th 2022


All the information pertaining to transactions, security and privacy of the users will be guarded by the company. When you visit our website, you can browse it without revealing who you are. But we may collect personal information (such as name, phone number, delivery address, email address, debit card/credit card or other payment details) when you want to set up an account or place an order. While you can generally enjoy the website without registration, certain activities like creating an account, placing an order would require it. And this information will be collected and stored. Furthermore, all the information that is collected during registration, messaging and other activities will be collected and stored specifically and may be used to send you messages regarding offers and rewards from the company. We will not disclose this information to a third party under any circumstances. The details (photos, pictures, designs, messages or texts) the user uploads in the time of placing an order will not be stored and collected by the company. If the user wishes to place an order again, they shall upload the designs one more time.